The BATEC MINI 2 is a compact handbike. Designed to be small without losing one bit of the quality and reliability Batec handbikes are known for, they come standard with latest-generation components that will improve and help you enjoy your mobility.

If you’re looking for a compact, practical, versatile mobility solution without sacrificing quality and power, the Batec Mini 2 is the perfect handbike for you. Its simple folding system makes it easy to carry and combine with other transport options, like the car or the train. You can also park it comfortably in tight corners, under a table or wherever you need to.

Attractive, easy to use and safe, the Batec Mini 2 attaches to your wheelchair in seconds thanks to our exclusive anchor system. It also has all the same premium components as the rest of the line, as well as a robust frame to endure use from even the roughest users. Because, after all, the Batec Mini 2 is a Batec.