Case Study: MMS Medical Installation of a Barduva SB200 Platform Lift in a School in Tipperary
Client: Tipperary School

Project Overview: In an effort to enhance accessibility for all students and staff, Tipperary School partnered with MMS Medical, to install a Barduva SB200 Platform Lift within their school premises. The SB200 Platform Lift was selected for its ability to provide comfortable access to individuals with limited mobility and wheelchair users. The project aimed not only to improve accessibility but also to seamlessly integrate the lift into the school’s architectural design and the existing shaft in situ.

Client’s Requirements: Tipperary School recognised the need to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all its students, staff and school visitors. They required a reliable and space-efficient solution in the exiting building that would eliminate barriers to movement within the school premises. The platform lift needed to be versatile enough to serve various areas of the school, including classrooms, corridors, and common areas.


  1. Ensuring the safety and comfort of users, including wheelchair users.
  2. Integrating the platform lift into the school’s existing architectural design.
  3. Adhering to energy efficiency standards to reduce operational costs.
  4. Managing the installation process with minimal disruption to school activities.

Solution: Following onsite insepction and review, MMS Medical proposed the installation of the Barduva SB200 Platform Lift, a versatile and efficient solution designed to meet the specific requirements of Tipperary School. The SB200 platform lift was chosen for its compact design, quiet operation, and energy-efficient features.

Key Features of the Barduva SB200 Platform Lift:

  • Universal Accessibility: The SB200 is designed to accommodate individuals with limited mobility and wheelchair users, ensuring that everyone within the school can access all areas.
  • Architectural Integration: The platform lift was installed seamlessly into the school’s interior, complementing the existing architectural design and, in some cases, enhancing the aesthetics of the building.
  • Energy Efficiency: The SB200 incorporates power-saving lighting technologies and a specific electric drive, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.
  • Durability: Built with durable materials, the SB200 is designed for long-term use and can withstand power surges and heavy usage in a school environment.
  • Safety: The platform floor features anti-skid material, providing a secure and slip-resistant surface for users.

Installation Process: MMS Medical worked closely with Tipperary School to plan and execute the installation of the Barduva SB200 Platform Lift. The installation process was carefully managed to minimise disruption to school activities, ensuring that students and staff could continue their daily routines with minimal inconvenience.

Results: Following the successful installation of the Barduva SB200 Platform Lift, Tipperary School achieved a significant improvement in accessibility in the school building. Students and staff with mobility challenges now have easy access to classrooms, common areas, and other essential facilities within the school. The lift’s unobtrusive design has seamlessly integrated into the school’s architecture, maintaining the overall aesthetics of the building.

The lift’s durability and adaptability will ensure reliable and trouble-free operation, meeting the school’s long-term accessibility needs. The SB200’s low energy consumption aligns with the school’s sustainability goals and reduces operational costs.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Tipperary School and MMS Medical to install the Barduva SB200 Platform Lift has successfully addressed the accessibility challenges faced by the school. This project not only improved the school’s inclusivity but also demonstrated the benefits of choosing an energy-efficient and versatile platform lift like the SB200. The installation serves as an example of how innovative accessibility solutions can enhance the quality of school life for all patrons and can be fitted into existing buildings with ease.

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