Case Study: Improving Accessibility with the Barduva RB150 External Open Platform Lift

Client: A Commercial Building, Listowel, Co. Kerry

Overview: MMS Medical, a leading provider of accessibility solutions, was approached by a business in need of enhancing wheelchair accessibility at its external entry point. The building had a stepped-down access area that posed a significant barrier to individuals with mobility challenges. To address this issue, MMS Medical recommended and subsequently installed the Barduva RB150 External Open Platform Lift, a specially designed solution for improving accessibility without extensive structural modifications to existing buildings.

The Challenge: The commercial building in question faced a significant accessibility challenge due to a stepped-down entrance. This created a considerable obstacle for wheelchair users and others with limited mobility. The building owners recognised the need to provide a safe and convenient means of access for all visitors, ensuring compliance with accessibility regulations while also maintaining the aesthetics of the property.

The Solution: Barduva RB150 External Open Platform Lift

MMS Medical proposed the installation of the Barduva RB150 External Open Platform Lift as the ideal solution to overcome the accessibility challenge faced by the commercial building. The RB150 is specifically designed for applications where minimal or no structural alterations to existing buildings are required.

Service and Maintenance

In addition the RB150 is simple to install and easy to service. Overall low maintenance and low running costs were also key consideration for our client.