Case Study: Providing Wheelchair Access to Cork City Concert Hall

Client: Cork City Council

Location: City Hall, Cork, Ireland

Project Overview:

Cork City Council, housed in the iconic and prestigious City Hall in Cork, Ireland, is responsible for managing a variety of events at the Concert Hall, a renowned civic building. The Concert Hall, in particular, has been hosting concerts, conferences, exhibitions, and banquets since its inauguration in 1963. To ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all patrons, the council recognised the need for easy wheelchair access to the stage. Given the versatility of the Concert Hall’s stage size, a portable solution was required that could be efficiently stored when not in use.


  1. Versatility Requirement: The Concert Hall’s stage size is adjustable to accommodate different types of events. Any solution needed to be flexible enough to cater to these varying stage sizes.
  2. Accessibility: Ensuring that patrons with mobility challenges had convenient and safe access to the stage during events was a top priority.
  3. Portability: The solution had to be portable and easily storable when not in use to preserve the aesthetics of the concert hall.



Jim Barry, a specialist in lifts, visited the Cork City Concert Hall to assess the requirements and recommend a suitable solution. After thorough evaluation, he proposed the installation of the Terry Portable Platform Lift. This portable platform lift was deemed the ideal choice as it met the council’s needs:

  1. Versatile Design: The Terry Portable Platform Lift could be adapted to various stage sizes, making it suitable for the diverse events held at the Concert Hall.
  2. Accessibility: The lift was designed to provide smooth and safe wheelchair access to the stage, ensuring inclusivity for all attendees.
  3. Portability: Being a portable solution, it could be easily transported and stored when not in use, preserving the aesthetics of the award-winning architectural building.

To assist the Cork City Council in making an informed decision, Jim arranged for a visit to a location where a similar Terry Portable Platform Lift was in use. This allowed the council members to witness the lift in action and gain confidence in their choice.

In addition to the initial assessment and recommendation, Jim emphasized the importance of thorough training. Once the installation was complete, he personally conducted detailed training sessions to ensure that the Cork City Council staff were well-versed in the operation and maintenance of the lift.


The installation of the Terry Portable Platform Lift at Cork City Concert Hall has provided a practical and efficient solution for wheelchair access to the stage during events. This installation has not only met but exceeded the council’s requirements for versatility, accessibility, and portability. The portable platform lift can also be shared for use in other Cork City Council buildings

The Cork City Concert Hall can now confidently host a wide range of events with the assurance that all patrons, including those with mobility challenges, can access the stage with ease and dignity. This enhancement in accessibility has further solidified the reputation of the City Hall as a premier venue for concerts, conferences, exhibitions, and banquets.


The successful installation of the Terry Portable Platform Lift at Cork City Concert Hall underscores the commitment of Cork City Council to inclusivity and accessibility. By working closely with our lift specialist, Jim Barry, and selecting a versatile and portable solution, the council has not only improved the overall experience for event attendees but has also ensured the preservation of the iconic City Hall’s aesthetics.

This case study serves as an example of how a thoughtful and collaborative approach to accessibility challenges can result in a win-win solution for both the organizers and the patrons of prestigious civic buildings like Cork City Concert Hall.

Cork City Council contacted MMS Medical to supply a portable lift to suit the stage in our concert hall here in City Hall, Cork. MMS recommended a Terry Portable Lift which suited our needs, was user friendly, easy to handle and store. They then went further and arranged a demonstration of an identical lift already in use in a school. The Lift was delivered on time and a detailed hand over and demonstration was given to our in house team. I found MMS very good to deal with and I would use them again in the future

Cork City Council