When it comes to fathers and daughters there’s a special bond between them  – especially when you want a new gaming chair! We’ve seen this first hand in MMS Medical this week with super Dad and daughter duo – Kieran and Lucy Browne. Kieran is a senior product specialist at MMS Medical and he knew exactly what to do to provide a fab new gaming chair for his 13 year old daughter Lucy. Lucy has kyphosis and scoliosis and like all teenagers, loves gaming

To ensure Lucy is correctly supported while seated, a custom mould was designed and made for Lucy with the help of our seating partner Anatomic Sitt and MMS seating specialist Daniel Caffrey. Custom Moulded Seating systems are custom made modular seats that relieve pressure as needed and provide support, stability, and pressure distribution needed to maintain symmetry and/or compensate deformities. The systems are designed and shaped exclusively for the client to provide the best solution for persons with complex seating issues. The mold was expertly fitted by Bart to a high-low office chair and the result is amazing. Lucy is now all set to focus on her gaming skills in her fantastic new gaming chair.