Acknowledging the demand for greater knowledge and understanding of Wash and Dry Toilets and the key role they play in allowing someone with a disability or health condition to address their specific needs in the bathroom, MMS Medical’s partner Closomat has produced an easy to use  and informative handbook. This OT resource  provides guidance on the role Wash and Dry Toilets play:

• In promoting and providing a higher level of personal hygiene• In reducing the risk of infections
• In reducing or removing the need for carer intervention
• In enabling people to live a more independent, happier life

In this guide the most commonly occurring disabilities and conditions are covered and outline how a Closomat Wash and Dry Toilet can play an important role in a person’s bathroom routine.

Closomat are specialists in helping people with specific toileting needs. Closomat invented the Wash and Dry Toilet over 60 years ago, and tens of thousands of people use their products every day to help them live their best lives. So we can say, with confidence, that Closomat understands the needs of users better than any other manufacturer and MMS Medical is happy to share this unrivalled knowledge to know what is important (and what is not!).

MMS Medical is the exclusive distributor for Closomat Wash & Dry Toilets in  Ireland. The Closomat range of products have been designed in consultation with healthcare professionals and have a range of clinical, health and well-being benefits.

The guide covers a variety of Conditions and outlines the best product match based on years of experience of the combined MMS Medical and Closomat teams. .Amputation/loss of limb(s)
Arthritis (Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid)
Cerebral Palsy
Global Developmental Delay (learning difficulties)
Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Obesity (or severe obesity)

Closomat Wash & Dry Toilets are suitable for home use, accessible bathrooms and increasingly are specified for Changing Places Facilities.

Closomat MMS Medical Guide

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For further information on Closomat Wash & Dry Toilets please contact MMS Medical team on 021 4618000 or email