If you have difficulty getting up and down the stairs in your home, there are a number of home lift options for you to consider. It may seem overwhelming at the beginning but MMS Medical has been installing both stairlifts and home lifts for over 30 years and will give you the necessary information to help you make the right decision for you.

A stairlift

A stairlift is exactly what is says – it is a track fitted to the stairs to allow a person independently travel upstairs in their home. There are two types of stair lifts – a straight stairlift for a straight staircase and a curved track for a stairs that has any turns or twists. When considering a stairlift, MMS Medical will carry out an at home assessment with the client, measure the stairs and supply a full design and cost quotation. Each stairlift is bespoke to the clients home with the track designed to fit neatly onto the stairs. The compact units can fold up leaving the staircase free for other users. Seat selection and option  features and extras will be discussed depending on the clients existing and future needs. Convenient controls, safety sensors, easy release retractable seat belts and fold up seat, armrests and footplates ensure a safe and reliable solution.

Home Lifts

In many cases, a home lift is a better option for clients.  They are especially suitable for wheelchair users or semi ambulant and if a person needs to be accompanied. Whether travelling seated in a wheelchair or on the optional fold-down seat, an unenclosed through floor home lift will allow you to move freely between floors, safely, smoothly and quietly.

A homelift is practical and sleek and the lift is available in a wide range of sizes, each designed to maximise space inside the cabin.   With the option to customise it with different colours, materials and accessories. With no lift shaft required, the home lift can be fitted almost anywhere in your home.  It requires only minimal headroom on the first floor and it can be installed against non-load bearing walls. The Harmony through floor lift is an ideal solution and requires minimal building works and can be installed quickly.


Another verion of our home lifts is the Lifestyle home lift. The Terry Lifestyle lift is designed to enhance your lifestyle and your home, offering freedom and flexibility. We understand how precious space is in your home.  That’s why the Lifestyle Lift features a small footprint, taking no more space than an arm chair. You will have the freedom to place the lift almost anywhere in your house! Design-wise, there’s plenty of choice to be had.  The lift can easily be customised with your choice of colours, door options, glazing units, LED lighting and a selection of floor coverings to match your home’s existing decor perfectly.

We have had fantastic feedback from our clients following the installation of a home lift – it even provides the perfect solution for  carrying the hoover, laundry or shopping up the stairs!


Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are  designed for a comfortable use by all categories of passengers, including the elderly,  people with limited mobility and wheelchair users. MMS Medical supplies and installs a range of short rise platform lifts both internally and externally . The RB150/ SB200 platform lift from MMS Medical fits perfectly in the interior of buildings, and in a variety of external architectural styles. In the case of internal installation the RB150 / SB 200 has all the essential qualities of a platform lift : minimum overall dimensions no pit and machine room, silent operation and low energy consumption.  A standard platform ( 1,485 X 1,070) ensures a comfortable journey for a person in a wheelchair and their attendant if required. The control of the platform is very simple and intuitive. A passenger may stop and resume the movement at any time of the trip and even changes the lifts moving directions. The beginning and ending of the lift process is smooth. A uniformly backlit control panel, with a comfortable handle below. contains large buttons with embossed symbols at a convenient height for access from sitting and standing positions. The Melody 1 & 3 offer an alternative platform lift solution.