MMS Medical is delighted to announce it’s new partnership with ROHO for the distribution of ROHO cushions, backs and mattresses in Ireland. ROHO is the worldwide leader of seating solutions to prevent and treat pressure injuries, including deep tissue injury, while providing skin and soft tissue protection.


The unique ROHO design lets you easily sink into the cushion, reducing both pressure and discomfort to  skin and soft tissues. When an individual spends the entire day seated, it can create a lot of pressure to deal with. A ROHO cushion allows the body to immerse without resistance into the air cells as it’s cradled in a protective environment that delivers comfort and distributes pressure. Water shapes perfectly to the body, so mimicking it means the ability of the cushion to match to your individual shape. ROHO cushions make this possible with flexible cells that can provide constant and even forces across all contact areas with the body, while ensuring you remain safe, stable, and in the right position. No matter what you are doing, a ROHO cushion from MMS Medical will adapt to your every position. The air cells follow your motions, giving you support and freedom of movement. ROHO cushions are designed to move with the body and constantly adapt to the changes that happen throughout each day and over time. MMS Medical now offers a wide range of ROHO cushion options.

ROHO® Hybrid Elite SR® Cushion,

ROHO® Hybrid Elite® Dual Compartment Cushion



ROHO® AirLITE® Cushion

ROHO® HIGH PROFILE® Single Compartment Cushion

Mattress Overlays 

The performance, efficiency and quality of the ROHO overlay system are unequaled in the industry. Comprised of soft, interconnected air cells, the DRY FLOATATION mattress overlay conforms precisely to the body’s contours, helping soft tissue to maintain its shape in order to maximize the healing process as well as prevention.

ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® Mattress Overlay System


Wheelchair Backs

AGILITY® Wheelchair Back Systems are designed to fit you and your unique needs. And even better, they fit virtually any wheelchair. The AGILITY quick release and fixed hardware are made from Zytel®, a product of DuPont™, which provides an excellentstrength-to-weight ratio. Zytel is valued for its high mechanical
strength and abrasion resistance, as well as chemical and flame resistant properties. The quick release and fixed hardware exhibited no damage and did not move out of position when aggressively subjected to 300 pounds of force exerted for 100,000 cycles. AGILITY sustained over1,000 times more cycles than its leading competiton



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