The MMS Medical team will be exhibiting at the Infection Prevention Control Ireland Conference on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 at the Citywest Hotel & Golf Resort, Saggart, Co. Dublin. A regular exhibitor at the event, MMS Medical will be showcasing a range of products including the innovative, Patent Pending, Curas C3 Emptying Bag urine drainage bag system.



Managing the urine drainage bags, of a catheterized patient, is a demanding task. MMS Medical is now making it both easier and safer by offering a new innovative concept from our partners Curas. The Curas Closed System Emptying Bag is fast becoming the product choice of healthcare professionals in Ireland. Thanks to the Curas unique solution, easy connection, SAP by Curas™ fluid control and dual-NRV system, nurses and healthcare workers can now empty a regular or specialized urine drainage bag without any of the normally associated risks.


The C3 Emptying Bag is a non-sterile disposable urine bag drainage system designed for emptying urine from patients’ drainage bags. Suitable for use on drainage bags associated with short-term, medium-term or long-term catheterization. Unlike any reusable jug or plastic container, it allows the disposing of urine in a hygienic and safe manner. The Curas C3 Emptying Bag is highly recommended for demanding and complex patient situations. The C3 bags are intended to help reduce the risk of infection by providing a closed connection during the emptying of urine. SAP by Curas™ is incorporated into the C3 bags for urine crystallization absorption: thus, ensuring safer disposable of urine – No more spills & splashes.


This nursing method of open emptying represents a clear and ever-present set of risks, costs and inconveniences which the C3 product quickly reduces or removes entirely. This open emptying system includes for the healthcare professional stressful working conditions, occupational health risks, and some very specific problems in relation to overall infection control objectives. Simply connect the C3 Flexi Funnel to the urine bag outlet tap. Once the valve is opened of the upper urine bag, the urine will flow into the C3 bag. When the urine has been collected in the C3 bag, close off the outlet tap and gently disconnect the C3. SAP by Curas™ is incorporated into the C3 bags for urine crystallization absorption thus ensuring safe disposable of urine.


Cytotoxic waste is a particular and increasing concern in healthcare. Cytotoxic waste requires safer and more advanced product solutions and nurses require additional support and protection in this field of work. Thanks to the unique and completely closed connection point between the drainage bag in use and the C3 emptying bag and the safe stabilization of the urine inside the C3, the C3 is fast becoming the favourable choice and preferred clinical solution of healthcare professionals in Ireland in both hospitals, nursing homes and other care environments.



MMS Medical will showcase a range of nursing products at the IPCI Conference. The Curas Vomit Bag (Emesis) offers a convenient and simple way to manage vomitus and liquid waste in a discreet and hygienic manner. Pre-loaded with 9g Sap by Curas sachet to solidify liquids and semi-liquids, preventing splashes and eliminating unpleasant odour.

The risk of cross contamination is real and significantly increased when using re-usable alternatives, irrespective of how carefully they are washed and decontaminated. By contrast the range of Curas Hygiene Pulp products from MMS Medical provide improved standards of care and help to eliminate HAI’s ( Hospital Acquired Infections ) Besides being single use, hygiene pulp products provide extra comfort and safety to both patients and staff. The Curas Hygiene Pulp range is tested to ensure all products can be easily disposed of using all types of macerators for optimal environmental management.





For more information or samples for our range of nursing disposables, hygiene pulp products and support products please contact the MMS Medical team on 021 4618000 or email us Visit the MMS Medical information booth at the Infection Prevention Control Conference on Tuesday May 28th  2019 Citywest, Saggart, Co. Dublin.