MMS Medical recently installed  the Handicare 2000, curved stairlift in Waterford to ensure that our client could stay in their own house which meant the world to them. The visually impaired user was anxious to stay at home but the stairs was becoming a problem. The family contacted MMS Medical and an assessment was arranged at a suitable time for the client. Following the at home assessment, the Handicare 2000 curved stairlift was selected, with the option of a Simplicity Powered Swivel Seat to enhance ease of access. Our Engineer Kevin installed the stairlift in a couple of hours and the Audio beeper was activated for the user.



The twin rail curved stairlift system is designed for a stable and smooth ride and fits neatly onto the stairs to allow others to move up and down the stairs without obstruction. The track on the Handicare 2000 curved stairlift can be designed to take you from the ground floor directly to the landing level and offers an automatic hinge solution to prevent the track obscuring a doorway at the base of the stairs. All Handicare Stairlifts from MMS Medical can be fitted to even the most complex stairs.


A stairlift that is exactly right for you

“ I wish I’d installed a stairlift sooner, it has given me a whole new lease of life“ is the regular comment we receive from our stairlift clients. Finding it difficult to get up and the down your stairs can be daunting and the decision to install a stairlift in your home is not often an easy one. At MMS Medical we know the concerns people have as we have been installing stairlifts nationwide for over 30 years.

Unless you know someone, who is already using a stairlift you may be a little unsure of what is involved in the process. It is a common misperception that stairlifts are fixed to the wall, in most cases they are fixed directly to the staircase itself and are generally fitted in a couple of hours. A stairlift has three basic components – a track which is fitted to the staircase, the power pack to move the seat and finally the seat itself.


There are two types of stairlift: Straight and Curved. Straight stairlifts operate in a straight line and cannot travel around any bend or corner. Curved stairlifts can travel around corners, across intermediate landings and even up spiral staircases. We also have outdoor  stairlift models available to help users access their gardens if outdoor steps are a problem.

Our stairlifts are bespoke for each client. A member of the stairlift team will assess your individual requirements. This not only covers the type of stairs and track but also the best seat type, functionality and options best suited the user.

We supply a wide range of seat options to meet the needs of the user. Our extensive fabric range ensures that the stairlift will blend seamlessly into your décor. Healthcare professionals are really enthusiastic about the Active Seat for stairlifts at MMS Medical. The unique and patented development provides assistance for those users who require additional support when getting on and off the stairlift.


Unique solutions for User Peace of Mind

Some stairlift users may have limited dexterity or painful conditions such as arthritis : Handicare Stairlifts signature operating toggle minimises these problems by making the stairlifts and their controls easy to use and fitted to a side of the stairlift which is easiest for you to operate. Powered swivel seats and illuminated powered folding footplate options further assist those with reduced mobility.

All MMS Medical Handicare Stairlifts come with two remote controls as standard so you can have one upstairs and one downstairs. This means you can send your stairlift up and down the track without having to sit on it. This allows you to park the seat at the top or bottom of the stairs .

For peace of mind for users who live alone or may have a medical condition, adding the Voice Connect option ensures that in the event of an emergency users can talk to one of three pre-programmed contacts from the stairlift seat. This is all at the touch of a button and is a simple solution to help users and their families feel more confident about using the stairlift when alone at home. (Available on certain models only)

Your MMS Medical Stairlift Specialist will discuss the range of options with you, your family or healthcare professional to ensure you can easily operate your stairlift. Even if you don’t need them now, they may be something you will benefit from in the future.




Choosing a stairlift from MMS Medical

Our stairlift specialists are on hand to answer your concerns and assist you with the planning and installation of the stairlift. Here at MMS Medical we are happy to visit your home at a time to suit you to discuss your stairlift requirements and provide you with a tailored assessment and quotation free of charge. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for further information




Simply call us on 021 4618000 / 01 4500582 or email us at We provide a free nationwide assessment and installation service so no matter where you are in Ireland we have an MMS Medical Team member close by.