The Qbitus Laminar cushion is laminated using two specific types of foam. The base foam of Sunmate, chosen for it’s unique ability in the viscous foam world of being low memory and high load bearing, high shock absorption while remaining both light and durable.

Pudgee being the second layer, a polymer gel, this is the ultimate in low memory foams giving excellent weight distribution and minimising shearing forces while keeping skin tissue cool. At only 2″ thick, the Laminar carries a high load and is easy to transfer from.

The Laminar comes as standard with a vapour permeable cover.

  • Vapour permeable, clinically proven breathable cover gives easy maintenance and necessary two-way stretch capability
  • Sunmate base manufactured using organic plant extract for safety and conservation
  • Pudgee top for pressure redistribution and shear reduction
  • Durable heavy duty zip incorporating a bright yellow slider making it easier to see, locate and use
  • 2” depth makes the cushion easy to transfer to/from