Designed specifically with children in mind, the JAY Zip solid backrest is optimized for paediatric weight, sizing, and contouring. It also features a host of fun options. For kids on-the-go, the JAY Zip back gets them where they are going with zip.

Designed for Kids

The JAY Zip backrest has four features specifically designed for kids: Its sizes, which are geared for kids ages 2 through 15. The contour shape, which is anthropometrically (study of human measurements) optimized for each width. The soft foam, which is specifically designed for pediatric weights. And a host of fun options, such as colored covers, custom embroidery, and colored back shells. The result is a backrest that works for kids, rather than kids who are forced to work with their backrest.


The JAY engineering team went to great lengths to ensure that the JAY Zip backrest is as light as possible. For small paediatric users, an added 500g has 4 to 10 times more impact on the overall system weight than in an adult system. To ease this propulsion burden and lighten the overall transport weight, every part was optimized for low weight. The result is a super-lightweight backrest.


Between normal heat and body moisture, added milk spills, cereal drops, candy misplacements and honey drips, backrest covers become a virtual breeding ground for harmful smelly microbes! For this reason, the JAY Zip back features a silver impregnated X-static cover material. These silver fibres rapidly reduce microbial presence.

One-Step Adjustable Release Hardware

The JAY Zip back releases from the chair in a quick one-hand motion. In addition, it’s loaded with adjustments. The backrest can angle 20° rearward or 20° forward. The height adjustment covers the majority of the available backpost mounting locations, and the depth adjustment provides up to 3″ of depth growth – a key consideration for any child.