The SINA shower trolley offers the ideal way of giving a resident a safe, comfortable and dignified shower.

The SINA Comfort Shower Trolley provides the optimal solution for safe and comfortable showering in hospitals, nursing homes and care homes.

The SINA Comfort shower trolley is available with electric or hydraulic height adjustment, enabling easy adjustment to the working height of the nurse. With powder coated stainless steel the SINA Comfort meets the high quality levels required for wet rooms. The comfortable padded shower mattress offers a pleasant surface where the resident lies safely and easily. The high side rails provide protection against rolling off from the shower trolley.

The SINA Comfort Shower trolley fits easily in any standard nursing bathroom. It can be used either with an extended shower hose from the shower or with a shower console. The water can drain either into the toilet or with a drainage hose to the waste-trap of the shower, and the bed can quickly be lowered for easier draining. Extremely sturdy and stable, The SINA Comfort has a total of eight double castors, with rocker-suspension, to provide for comfortable and easy transport for the resident as well as for the staff.

The SINA Comfort offers a safe, convenient option to dignified and effective personal hygiene. Due to its very high stability the SINA shower trolley is also universally used in many facilities as a mobile changing table. This allows one space-saving device to provide changing and care possibilities as well as an excellent shower solution.

The SINA Comfort XXL. – A bariatric version of the SINA Comfort is also available. This extra wide, extremely stable version with electrical height adjustment for heavy weight patients up to 250kg / 500lbs. An extra wide stretcher and extra- high side rails give larger patients plenty of space for comfortable showering with no compromise on stability and safety.