The SENTA PUR L showering and bathing lift is the innovative solution for bathing and showering.

The SENTA PUR L lift is extremely easy to manoeuvre and can be applied in any type of care tub in a flexible manner. Fits in with all modern care tubs, with electric height adjustment, large hygiene opening, convertible into a stretcher lift, removable battery, specially designed carrier frame, easy-to-move double castors, manual emergency lowering

Easily convertible into a stretcher lift …
The SENTA PUR L bathing lift can be easily and quickly converted into a fully adequate stretcher lift by means of optional stretcher lift modules. By default, each seat is prepared in such a way that one single staff is able to plug in the side wings without effort. This provides you with the necessary flexibility that is required without having to resort to a second lift. The seating area has a large care opening which can be closed with a cover if required.
Height adjustment is stepless via a battery-operated electric drive and therefore not distressing for the resident. The lift is operated easily and safely via a corresponding hand-held remote control and can be handled by a single staff. Each lift is equipped with standard protection devices against overload and collision. An integrated service module reports disturbances and maintenance due to the lifter. An integrated manual emergency lowering device is, of course, included.

The SENTA PUR L also allows for transfer from the bed. Depending on your care routine, you can also pick up your resident from the bed with our showering and bathing lift directly.