The NORA Classic is the perfect solution to transfer patients safely and comfortably. Ideal for use in small rooms or where space is limited.

The NORA Classic stand-up/raising aid has been specifically designed for residents/patients who have some ability to stand with the help of support aids. The NORA standing/raising aid is the perfect solution to transfer these patients safely and comfortably whilst eliminating back strain for the nurse or care giver. Occupational therapists and nurses emphasise the need for an ergonomic and natural lifting motion in a standing/raising aid and as such, this has been a primary focus during the design of the NORA standing/raising aid, making it one of the most popular mobility lifts on the market.

The NORA Classic stand-up/raising aid is easy to operate and move thanks to its electric spreader frame, extra soft knee-pads, safety leg belts, extra-high lifting range, easy moveable castors and hand held remote control with additional battery charging status display.