The CARLO Classic Aluminium from Beka Hospitec at MMS Medical is characterised by an extremely light but nonetheless very stable aluminium construction and offers maximum safety and comfort to both residents and nursing staff.

The lifting arm with a 4-point sling bow can be lowered to the floor by means of a hand control which ensures that a person who has fallen to the floor can be safely and easily lifted by just one staff. The carrier frame can be spread electrically and is thus very comfortable to operate. Due to the low height of the carrier frame, the CARLO Classic Alu can easily pass underneath both bathtubs and care beds.

The stable sling bow is suitable for all loop slings, is provided with a safety locking mechanism to attach the slings and is characterised by a patent-pending adjustment option to reduce rotation.

The mobile Carlo Classic Aluminium sling hoist from MMS Medical supports your nursing staff in their everyday lifting and transfer routines in an optimal and reliable manner and allows for ergonomically safe and efficient work at all times, without putting any strain on the musculoskeletal system when lifting and repositioning the resident manually.

Benefits for your nursing staff and your residents…
  • Light construction, as the carrier frame and the lifting column are made of 100% aluminium
  • Extra light and easy to manoeuvre
  • High-quality lockable STEINCO double castors
  • Electrical height adjustment and electrically spreadable carrier frame
  • No unsettling pendular or rotational movements during lifting and transferring, with patent-pending adjustment option
  • to reduce rotation
  • Hand control with display of the battery charge status
  • Working in an ergonomic and health-orientated manner, as no manual lifting is required
  • 4-point sling bow with safety locking mechanism
  • Battery and charger compatible with all BEKA Hospitec hoists
  • Large choice of comfortable loops slings of different sizes
  • Also available with patient scale