The MONA Nursing & Care Table is the optimum, mobile solution for demanding care.

A large, high-quality support pad forms the basis for safe and convenient treatment of people in need of assistance. The rounded ends of the table are padded and prevent injuries. Even if the person is very restless, the sturdy scissors height adjustment ensures offers a rigid, stable base for professional care. This system ensures that neither the padded surface nor the table itself rocks or sways.

The treatment table can be furnished with a folding side rail on each side, which provides additional safety. A sturdy metal fastener makes sure that the side rails cannot fold down, even under strong pressure. Continuous height adjustment (optionally electrical or hydraulic) allows the optimum work and transfer height to be set. The base frame can be accessed underneath from all sides and is equipped with four wheels with steering and brakes.

Transfer onto the MONA can take place either with a mobile patient lift, whose legs can easily pass under the table frame or directly from a wheelchair onto the MONA nursing and care table, as it can be lowered right down to the height of the wheelchair.

Benefits of the MONA Nursing & Care Table
  • Mobile & Easy to move.
  • Comfort, soft and solid lying area.
  • Continuous height adjustment for ideal working height.
  • Direct wheelchair-height transfer possible
  • Excellent protection against inintended rolling off.
  • Different widths & lengths available
  • Easy to operate