If you like staying active, expanding freedom of movement, setting out together then the Aura provides that extra boost. This electric-powered push support from Life & Mobility at MMS Medical  makes pushing the wheelchair,  Canto Nxt and Match much easier. This is especially convenient if the wheelchair companion has physical limitations of his or her own. The Aura considerably improves mobility, so that both wheelchair user and wheelchair companion can easily get out and about together!

  • Push support for the companion
  • Ergonomic control unit
  • Crash test-safe
  • Wide operating range of 18 km
  • Ergonomic control unit
  • accelerator handle with forward and reverse functions
  • operational on left or right as needed
  • rotating knob with off position, indoor position, and four (adjustable) speeds
  • reliable and clearly visible battery indicator
  • Integrated engines in rear wheels
  • Available on the Canto Nxt and Match frames
  • Controllable when ascending and descending slopes
  • Automatic parking safety upon release of accelerator handle
  • Advanced electronic controls and light Lithium-ion battery mounted onto wheel frame (the Canto Nxt) or onto back tube (the Match)
  • Wide operating range (18 km)
  • User and maintenance-friendly parts