MMS Medical has been protecting people for over 30 years. Our range of Nursing Disposables are used throughout Ireland in hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, primary care centres, clinics and charities.

Proper patient care is a high priority for all healthcare employees and the range of Curas Hygiene Pulp® products at MMS Medical offers a patient and staff friendly solution, helping to reduce HAI’s, increasing convenience for nursing staff and improving patient comfort. The risk of cross contamination is real and significantly increased when using re-usable alternatives, irrelevant of how carefully they are washed and decontaminated. Besides being single-use, Hygiene Pulp® products provide extra comfort to patient and nursing staff. The diverse range means that you can use our Hygiene Pulp® products to carry out a wide variety of procedures. Products are easily stored and can be effectively disposed of according to clinical waste management procedures.

Our industry research and nursing staff feedback illustrates that both patients and nursing staff prefer hygienic pulp products for many reasons. Patients find it comforting to know that no other contamination could have taken place before using a dish, bowl or tray reducing patient anxiety during their hospital stay. Cold and rigid stainless-steel alternatives are less comfortable to handle and use. In comparison, the pulp material is always clean, smooth and easy to use. Our pulp products are biodegradable and made of recycled paper with no added colouring. Switching to the Curas Disposable Hygiene Pulp® range provides extra safety and convenience at no extra cost.

Download the MMS Medical -Curas brochure here for information on the complete range.

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