The Terry Melody 1 Platform Lift from MMS Medical is both functional and appealing. It has been designed to improve access where a wheelchair ramp is not a suitable option, due to lack of space or not enough length to achieve the required gradient.  In this external installation at a home in Dublin, the Melody 1 was the ideal solution. The Melody 1 is free standing and compact, saving space and making it less obtrusive.

The design incorporates an external fixed ramp to eliminate the need for a pit, keeping building work to a minimum. Installed by our trained engineers in less than a day, it is a simple solution to disabled access into our clients home.

The Melody 1 platform lift is easy to use with convenient controls and shallow approach ramp. It is reliable for users and the battery back-up provides normal operation (up to 30 cycles) in case of power cut

Our clients were happy with the overall result as the Melody 1 is aesthetically pleasing.  The Melody 1 comes with a stainless steel finish as standard, it can also be customised like our clients from a range of paint finishes. The black finish here is complimentary to the colour on the railings. The state of the art hydraulic system provides a smooth and quiet operation making it ideal for use outside a home.