MMS Medical were commissioned by the HSE for one of their clients, to replace an old platform lift and to install with a modern Harmony Through Floor Lift in an existing shaft. The old lift was removed and a suitable floor with aperture was formed to allow the Harmony Through Floor Lift to fit the enclosure. The original pit was also filled in as it was no longer required. Unlike other lifts, The Harmony Through Floor Lift does not require a pit making it the ideal solution for home installations as alteration works can be kept to a minimum. As space is always limited, the Harmony Through Floor lift has an ingenious car design and integral ramp so that the  wheelchair lift is only fractionally larger on the outside than it is on the inside. Once the building alterations were complete the install proceeded quickly and easily.

Operation of the Harmony Through Floor Lift is simple. Having called the lift from the easily accessible wall control switch, the car door can be opened by pressing a second switch. The integral ramp allows easy wheelchair access and a button inside the car closes the door. A push of the appropriate direction button signals the car to travel up or down. The aperture ceiling panel is automatically lifted or replaced en route. To exit the car, simply follow the procedure in reverse.

Easy to install and easy to operate are just two of the key reasons why our client the HSE, continues to choose the Harmony Through Floor Lift.

I am very happy with the service I receive from MMS. I have a long relationship with MMS and have always received an excellent service. The installation of the lift platform was very smooth and the MMS Team were very professional and there attention to detail was superb.

Damien, HSE