The last few weeks have been challenging for all of us, not only in Ireland but around the world. However its the good news stories have kept us all going as we navigate these unchartered waters. Here at MMS Medical, we miss the personal interaction with our work colleagues,  we miss assisting our healthcare professional colleagues around the country but most of all we miss meeting our clients. Our business is based on  personal relationships developed over time and getting to know the person and their requirements so we can achieve the best solutions for them.

Our Senior Product Specialist, Ian Mold, received a lovely email from a client, which has lifted the spirits of all of us. This is our good news story.

A Quantum Q6 powerchair was delivered to Matthew before the lockdown. His previous powerchair was clunky and was difficult to manoeuvre and had not given him any real independence. Ian, with other professional colleagues , worked together to bring the best solution for Matthew. His cool lime light coloured Q6 powerchair was fitted with a powered swingaway chin control joystick.  The family have used this isolation period to help Matthew familiarise himself with the chair and he’s whizzing around the house!



Hi Everybody

Just some uplifting news in this time of awfulness! We have used this time to get Matthew into his power chair, I adjusted the seat- which Aisling kindly chased up before full lockdown- and then adjusted the joystick headgear as needed each day and M is now whizzing around the house every morning. He absolutely loves the freedom of movement and is enjoying the features of going up and down, eyeballing us and hooting on occasion. I have got to the stage where I don’t have to adjust the headgear daily now so it seems to have settled into a good place. Definitely aim to use this chair more and more so good news and thanks all for the help and support.

Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Regards Cathy


Thank you to Cathy and Matthew for taking the time to send MMS Medical this wonderful feedback and for allowing us to share their story. Thank you to Stephen and Aisling at Enable Ireland and Hilary at Bright Future AT for their collaboration with MMS Medical.

When we are all back to normal, Matthew has challenged Ian to a race  –  Ian better get some cycling practice in over the next few weeks or he’s in big trouble!