There are many ways to drive a power wheelchair. A joystick is the most commonly used input device to operate a power wheelchair, however not everyone has the physical ability to operate a wheelchair using a joystick and for these people specialty controls, or alternative input devices, are required.  The range of speciality controls at MMS Medical are user-friendly and highly customizable. These adaptable, expandable control systems can increase and maximize independence for wheelchair users.



One of the most common alternative driving methods is the Head Array. This brief video from Michelle Lange, OT based in USA, discusses the head array, a common alternative drive method for power chairs, and who the head array is best suited for.



Deciding upon what is the most ideal input device for a power wheelchair user starts with the assessment of the individual.  Our product specialists at MMS Medical will assist in the assessment and provide advice on which control is the best option. The most common speciality control options are listed on our website but we have a wide range of speciality controls to meet the needs of all users.  Contact us today for more information and to arrange a demonstration.




Credit: This video was shared by our Partners Pride Mobility Products. Michelle is an occupational therapist in private practice, Access to Independence. She is a well-respected lecturer and author. She is the co-editor of Seating and Wheeled Mobility: a clinical resource guide, editor of Fundamentals in Assistive Technology, 4th ed., NRRTS Continuing Education Curriculum Coordinator and Clinical Editor of Directions magazine. Michelle is a member of the Clinician Task Force. Michelle is a RESNA Fellow, certified ATP, certified SMS and is a Senior Disability Analyst of the ABDA.