MMS Medical are delighted to be able to offer a complimentary comprehensive seating and mobility assessment for clients with complex needs. Daniel Caffrey (MSc.OT), MMS Medical’s Clinical Seating Specialist and in-house Occupational Therapist, is available to assess for and provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of people.  With over 15 years experience in specialised seating, Daniel conducts the seating assessments in MMS Medical’s newly refurbished, dedicated specialist seating clinic room. With the clients comfort and care at the centre of all our assessments, the Private Assessment Room provides a ceiling track hoist and therapy plinth in situ ensuring a private, spacious, bright and, comfortable environment in which to complete the assessments. Assessments are by appointment only.

To highlight the importance of correct postural seating and positioning, Daniel Caffrey gives an Overview the Clinical Seating Assessment process at MMS Medical:

  • An Initial Referral from Healthcare professional or direct from client or carer allows us to schedule an assessment. It is important at this stage that our in-house Occupational Therapist and Clinical Seating Specialist, Daniel Caffrey receives as much relevant information as possible to facilitate the planning and preparation of the assessment in advance of the clients arrival. To arrange an assessment you may book online, email our Assessment Clinic Coordinator Clodagh Mulligan at or call MMS Medical on 021-4618000.

  • Initial interview: Daniel will carry out at an informal conversational style information gathering interview at the beginning of the assessment where questions are asked around current specialist equipment in use, medical history including, past or future surgeries, pressure care (history of pressure sores), pain and medication etc. Daniel will review functional abilities or limitations, transfers, tone / spasticity, ambulation, limb function and communication. An assessment of the sitting tolerance in the current system and the clients transport requirements


  • Plinth assessment: This is often completed with the assistance of at least one other health professional or carer. This is a hands on physical mat/plinth assessment to determine level of postural asymmetry and level of correction possible and plausible.


  • Suppine assessment : With the client lying on back (if possible) the habitual postural alignment of pelvis, spine and lower limbs is observed by Daniel. Level of pelvic obliquity, rotation and posterior or anterior tilt is determined, fixed or flexible deformity and the level of correction possible. Spinal mobility also assessed. Lower limb, hip, knee and ankle joint ranges determined.


  • Sitting plinth assessment:  Assessment of pelvic position and where correction is possible,  lower limb alignment. Details of trunk posture under gravity determining the level of support required and where.


  • Casting: The Bag preparation is based on the information from plinth assessment, and where support will be required. The client will be transferred into casting bag and the moulding process completed. The beads will be manipulated into place to provide support where required and remove contact from areas where necessary. The client will remain in the bag for a period to determine comfort levels, chair may be taken in and out of tilt to observe in different spatial orientations. The client will be removed from bag and the shape examined. To finalise the procedure the cast may be further manipulated and tidied. If required the client will be transferred back into the casting bag to ensure shape is suitable.
  • Final Preparation for production includes the completion of the assessment documentation. Decisions on straps, harnessing and headrest, colours and materials will be completed to ensure the best fit and personal preference for the client. A 3D scan taken to capture shape and the images saved for production reference.

The importance of the correct seating position

Seating is a delicate balance between comfort, support and, function” says Daniel. ” Through a comprehensive client centred clinical assessment, we aim to provide individually tailored solutions to meet the needs of each client” he concludes.

MMS Medical have one of largest and technically advanced ranges of specialist seating and custom moulded products currently available in the Irish market and this allows us to provide seating solutions using either off the shelf products when suitable or custom products when required or a combination of both. MMS Medical partners with leading global brands and provides a welcome choice of products to clients from a variety of manufacturers.

Custom Moulded Seating systems are custom made modular seats that relieve pressure as needed and provide support, stability, and pressure distribution needed to maintain symmetry and/or compensate deformities. The systems are designed and shaped exclusively for the client to provide the best solution for persons with severe complex seating issues.Please check out our Custom Moulded Seating Range. Among the options are the Anatomic Sitt Custom Moulded Seat Insert and the FoamCarve

Contact Us:

Please contact MMS Medical for further information on this complimentary assessment. Daniel Caffrey is available for assessments for custom moulded seating as well as mobility and rehabilitation products. This complimentary assessment room is a valuable resource for both wheelchair users and prescribing therapists. It is available by appointment only.

Daniel also provides assessment support to the MMS Medical mobility product specialists nationwide for existing and new clients.