Repose Boston Junior

Repose Boston Junior

The Boston Junior is ideal as part of a 24-hour postural care programme. It has been prescribed for clients that require intensive care such as, Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, any childhood cancers and for those with life limiting conditions. The comfort and pressure relief it provides greatly enhances the user’s quality of life.

With some client conditions it has helped to reduce agitation, increased their levels of interaction and engagement in activities and provided them the opportunity to sleep in deep comfort. However, the Boston Junior is equally at home being used as a general porter chair.

The Boston Junior is ideal for life limiting conditions, palliative care, deteriorating conditions and any condition that causes painful joints:

  • Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy
  • Childhood cancers
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndromes
  • Acute sickle cell crisis

Both reclining and tilt systems can provide pressure relief, increase circulation, improve head, neck and trunk control, improve functional posture and positioning, support safe transfers by various means and minimise variations / fluctuations in the client’s muscular control. Tilt and recline systems work predominantly by moving the persons centre of gravity which whilst maintaining posture and ergonomic support allows the pannus to be redistributed. This can be used to alleviate pressure, help the respiratory system and allow access for specific skin care tasks.

The backrest and leg rest can be adjusted separately providing a further range of back and leg combinations to support improved posture and pressure management, particularly aiding the amount of hip flexion.

Couple this with the angle and height adjustable footplate and this makes the Boston Junior chair a highly versatile and comfortable pressure management porter.

The chair can be used with either a mobile or overhead hoist to support safe moving and handling techniques for carers.


An extremely comfortable health chair for younger people with independent movement of the Tilt in Space, Backrest Recline and Leg Rest Elevation functions enabling a whole range of postural positions for high level pressure management care. Available in a manual model.



The Boston Junior comes with an extensive range of key features as standard to aid pressure management, postural control and comfort. There is the option to purchase additional features and these are detailed in Optional Accessories Section.


The Boston Junior is a manual model. All adjustments / movements are operated manually.

The model come with:

  • Independently operated Tilt in Space.
  • Independently operated Backrest Recline.
  • Independently operated Leg Rest.
Boston Porter Chair06

Pressure Management Back Cushions

There is a choice of eight interchangeable and adjustable pressure management back cushions that enable the chair to be adapted to a single user’s changing needs or to adapt the chair to another user. This ensures greater longevity of its usage.

In addition, all cushions can be repositioned to suit a user’s individual seating preferences and fibres added or removed from fibre filled cushions to adjust firmness. Covers can also be removed for cleaning.

Interchangeable Back Cushions

Pressure Management Seat Cushions

There is a choice of six interchangeable seat cushions each with different pressure management features. You can purchase one or more cushions to support the different needs of individuals who may use this chair.

Cushions and covers are removable for cleaning and replacement.  With all these seat cushions we recommend a fabric with four way stretch properties to aid reduction of shear and friction.

Boston Junior Pmsc

Ease Of Movement – Push Handle And Wing Handles

The Boston Junior is designed to be extremely easy to push and manoeuvre. Whilst the Boston Junior comes with the traditional heavy-duty push bar it also comes with additional easy to grip wing handles, providing a sturdy and comfortable hold, with the handles shaped and positioned to suit carers of different heights. These handles allow the chair to be easily moved and positioned even when an individual is in a fully reclined position.

Boston Junior Eom

Four Heavy Duty Large Lockable Castors

The Boston Junior comes with four heavy duty lockable castors designed to easily glide over low profile carpets, wooden and vinyl flooring.

Boston Junior Hdllc

Pocket On Rear For Client Documentation

A pocket on the back of the chair can be used to keep the client’s papers or chair user instructions.


Padded Seat Chaise Cover

The Boston benefits from a single, full cover over the whole of the seat. This chaise, which is attached to the seat cushion, reduces the risk of pressure areas developing due to pinch points and shear and friction when the chair reclines. The chaise/seat cover can be removed for cleaning and replacement.

Boston Junior Pscc


The Boston Junior comes with D-rings fitted as standard enabling easy fitting of a lap strap and pad.

D Rings Small

Technical Specification

Overall Weight Limits

The Boston comes as standard with an overall weight limit of 159 kg (25 stone) and with a maximum leg rest weight limit of 57 kg (9 stone).

Seat Cushion Weight Limits

The overall weight limited will be restricted when certain pressure management seat cushions such as the Airform and Celliform cushions are selected. Details of these can be found in the Seat Cushion Section. The maximum leg rest weight limit is not affected by the seat cushion selection and will always remain at 57 kg (9 stone).

Small Medium Large
Seat Height 635mm (25″) 635mm (25″) 635mm (25″)
Seat Width 457mm (18”) 508mm (20″) 559mm (22″)
Seat Depth 508mm (20″) 508mm (20″) 508mm (20″)
Arm Height 178mm (7″) 178mm (7″) 178mm (7″)
Overall Height 1270mm (50″) 1270mm (50″) 1270mm (50″)
Overall Seat Width 724mm (28.5″) 775mm (30.5″) 826mm (32.5″)
Overall Depth 927mm (36.5″) 927mm (36.5″) 927mm (36.5″)
Please Note : Depending on the seat cushion built into the chair the seat and arm height may vary slightly from that shown above.

Optional Accessories

The following features can be purchased to enhance the functionality of the chair.

Seat Depth Adjustment

The Boston Junior has the option to alter the seat depth with a choice of two sets of detachable adjuster pads, 25.4mm (1”) or 50.8mm (2”).  Any number of pairs of these can be purchased.  The covers can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

The seat depth should be long enough to support the upper part of the legs whilst allowing the back to rest comfortably on the backrest. If the seat is too long the user is likely to slouch in the chair to get their feet on the floor, which puts extra pressure on their lower spine, if too short it will cause additional pressure on the thighs risking potential skin breakdown.

Boston Junior Bc

Height and Angle Adjustable Footplate

A height and angle adjustable footplate allows for an additional range of support positions. The footplate can also be removed or flipped up to allow uninterrupted access with a hoist. The footplate has a removable cover for replacement or cleaning.

Angle Adjustment

The footplate has four positions to accommodate for fixed flexion and to maintain the foot position for users with drop foot. It can be folded up against the leg rest if required. It is easy to change the position by simply using the pull strap on the right-hand side of the base of the footplate to engage the locking pin.

Boston Junior Footrest Demo

Height and Angle Adjustable Footplate

Easily adjusted using the locking pin at the back of the footplate the seat height to footplate range is 432mm to 584mm, (17” to 23”).

Boston Junior Haaf

Wedge Adjustment Blockers

Wedge adjustment blockers are available with all our back cushions on the Boston Junior. The blockers fit behind the cushions allowing the carer to change the level of support and adapt the back for a user’s changing needs. Available in two sizes 50.8mm (2”) and 76.2mm (3”) depth. Any number of these can be purchased. The covers can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Boston Junior Wab

Padded Detachable Footrest Pad

The footrest pad can be simply secured to the footplate providing the user with a softer and deeper cushion support. Available in three sizes – 25.4mm, 50.8mm and 76.2mm (2”, 3” and 4”).  Any number of these can be purchased.  The cover can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Boston Junior Pdfp

Lap Strap and Pad

A lap strap that can be easily shortened or lengthened and which has a quick release clip can be purchased. This is a lap strap and not a pelvic positioner and should never be used for restraining purposes.

Lap Strap And Pad

Chest Harness

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


There are three headrests to choose from, all of which come with a Velcro tab allowing them to fit over the top cushions. For further details on each of these options please refer to the Headrest Cushion Section.

  • Head roll.
  • Head pillow.
  • Small profile headrest.
Small Head Pillow


There are two additional options for the arm rests: adding coolform gel to the top of the arms and a pair of full length arm protector covers.

Please note that if you wish to add coolform gel to the arm tops, this needs to be added upon ordering the chair, and cannot be purchased after ordering the chair.


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