The Oxford Full Back Spacer Sling from MMS Medical is an easy to fit contoured sling with padded leg sections, offering good protection for patients who have involuntary movements or behavioural problems. Made from a cushioned and breathable 3D woven ‘Spacer’ material with high air permeability, offering high levels of comfort.

Features & Benefits
  • Integrated head support for added support
  • Colour coded binding indicates sling size
  • Positioning handles allow easy patient repositioning
  • Coloured attachment loops promote correct/safe positioning
  • Modesty loop helps protect patient dignity during transfer
  • Can be customised to fulfil patient specific needs.
  • Suitable for transfers chair to chair, bed to chair, chair to bed, chair to commode/toilet & floor to bed/chair
  • Available in a range of sizes : S, M, L