The Jay® GS utilises technology developed for the Jay® 2 cushion and adapts it to the specific needs of children.

  • The Jay GS design incorporates the technologies of the Jay Flow” fluid, and includes growth capabilities to allow the cushion to grow as the client grows
  • This is the ideal cushion for the paediatric or adult client with high positioning needs who is a moderate to high risk for skin breakdown.
  • Firm polyethylene foam base is pre-contoured with an “anti-thrust” shelf to keep the pelvis from sliding forward.
  • Anterior seat well reducers can be added to maintain the seat well length when the seat depth is increased.
  • A variety of secondary supports help to position and maintain optimal pelvic and lower extremity posture.
  • The longer seat well can be used to accommodate the fixed posterior pelvic tilt of sacral sitters.
  • Standard fluid pad provides shear reduction and improved pressure distribution for users at moderate risk.