The innovative WheelDrive power assist is designed to make driving easier, in every situation. And it also offers therapeutic benefits. Due to its unique dual rim concept, WheelDrive not only gives power assistance while self-propelling your wheelchair, it also allows for continues drive. Going out further, negotiating challenging roads or thresholds, or manoeuvering in tight spaces? You simply choose the support you need to move effortlessly. With WheelDrive you will enjoy enhanced mobility and freedom, and stay active – in your own wheelchair!

The WheelDrive can be easily mounted on virtually any manual wheelchair model, without any additional parts or changes to the wheelchair.

Unique Dual Rim Concept:

Assist Rim : Larger rim provides power assistance when self propelling

Drive Rim : Smaller rim provides continuous drive – no propelling required

3 Drive Profiles – easy selection with on wheel buttons.

Determine the level of support or speed you want and you will soon find how easy it is to switch between both rims. The top speed is 10km/h (assist rim) / 6km/h ( drive rim). When driving down a slope, the motors will brake automatically – for maximum safety and security. When the system is switched off, the chair will respond like a “ regular “ wheelchair.

With WheelDrive you can enjoy enhanced mobility and freedom, and stay active – using your own manual wheelchair!