A theatre in Limerick contacted MMS Medical having seen their previous supply of Portable platform lifts to public buildings (Cork City Hall) and theatres around the country.

The Terry Lift Portable Wheelchair Platform lift’s compact design allows it to be effortlessly folded for transportation and storage, making it an ideal choice for venues like schools, theaters, and public buildings. Manufactured as a self-contained unit mounted on castors, the lift can be effortlessly manoeuvered into position with minimal exertion. The Terry Portable Lift provides:

👉 Easy and reliable wheelchair access.

👉 Compact design for effortless transportation and storage.

👉 Ideal for schools, theaters, village halls, and more.

👉 Self-contained unit on castors for easy placement.

👉 Quick setup with just two people.

👉 Plug into any power outlet.

👉 Built-in batteries for up to 30 cycles between charges.


If you require assistance on making your building or school accessible, contact the MMS Medical team on 021 4618000 or email info@mmsmedical.ie for a complimentary site survey. MMS Medical supplies and installs a range of through floor lifts, wheelchair lifts, platform lifts, short rise platform lifts and portable lifts for sommerical buildings and domestic dwellings.