Liz from Passage in Cork got in contact with MMS Medical about a home lift. MMS Medical were commissioned to remove an existing, problematic through floor lift as it had caused problems from the initial install. Following the initial survey theTerry  Harmony Through Floor Lift was selected as the most suitable option to meet client needs.  Following the decision to proceed necessary preparatory work was undertaken and then the lift fitted in less than two days. The installation of a through floor lift is straightforward and our expert installers at will keep disruption to a minimum.

As space is always limited we have employed an ingenious car design and integral ramp so that the Harmony wheelchair lift is only fractionally larger on the outside than it is on the inside. For those who do not use a wheelchair, the Harmony has the option of a fold-down seat.

Operation is simple. Having called the lift from the easily accessible wall control switch, the car door can be opened by pressing a second switch. The integral ramp allows easy wheelchair access and a button inside the car closes the door. A push of the appropriate direction button signals the car to travel up or down. The aperture ceiling panel is automatically lifted or replaced en route. To exit the car, simply follow the procedure in reverse.



The lift is working  like a dream. We are so happy with it, it has been a pleasure working with MMS Medical. From start to finish they were very professional and the installers were great. I would highly recommend MMS, We were delighted with them.

Liz, Cork