Aaron has Muscular Dystrophy and is a wheelchair user. The parents of Aaron contacted MMS Medical to assist in upgrading the facilities for Aaron at home. Aaron is a wonderful child and needs his independence around the house as he gets older. The MMS team worked with our product partners to provide an innovative solution for both Aaron and his family in ensuring his freedom at home. Here’s Aaron’s story :

“Our son Aaron has Muscular Dystrophy and is a wheelchair user.  When he was small, we could lift him up and down the stairs but we knew at some point we were going to have to look at how we would manage Aaron as he got older so we decided to look at the possibility of installing a lift in our house.One of the key criteria we had for the lift was that Aaron could control the lift himself from his wheelchair. MMS Medical were the providers of his wheelchair so we asked them if they could assist.  They were able to provide a lift which Aaron could work himself, which gives him full independence for going upstairs and downstairs now to his bedroom with friends, or to play with his big sister Aoibhinn.  We were also concerned that the lift might be an “eyesore” in the house, but it actually fits in very well and visitors do not notice it until it’s pointed out to them. It’s also very handy for getting large or heavy items upstairs and downstairs!

We also needed a ceiling hoist installed in Aaron’s bedroom to lift him out of his bed and into the bathroom. Again, MMS Medical provided exactly what we needed and installed it very quickly and easily.  The hoist is very important now as Aaron is a big boy and needs to be lifted safely so neither he or us gets hurt.

Both items were a significant investment but we haven’t had a moments regret – it has made life much easier for everyone in the house, and will continue to do so as Aaron gets older. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MMS Medical as their advice and expertise was of great help.”

Califf Delaney, Cork

MMS Medical were delighted to work with the Delaney family and with Aaron in particular. This was a demanding project from the outset. The MMS team worked tirelessly with the product suppliers to develop a simple solution to allow Aaron control the lift himself from his Quantum powerchair. The MMS Engineering teams’ expertise and product knowledge allowed them to integrate an easy to use control system for Aaron. The necessary modifications were made to both the lift and the wheelchair controls to ensure Aaron can move around the house freely. The Barduva Home Lift installed is ideal for wheelchair use with easy access and fits seamlessly into the Delaney family home.