The Hiro 350 is a popular choice in our range of inclined wheelchair lifts. It is suitable for both straight and curved stairs and for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its patented traction drive ensures a gently gliding operation. It runs on two polished stainless steel tubes which are usually fixed on the inner side of the stairs. The drive is virtually maintenance free and all rollers are extremely wear resistant. It is easy to use and user friendly with a simple control unit.

Like many schools in Ireland, steps between levels in corridors can cause problems for wheelchair users in proving access to the complete school building. MMS medical installed the HIRO 350 in the school in Fermoy Co. Cork as it avoids unnecessary buildings works and can be easily retrofitted in older school buildings providing accessibility for the school community.

The driveway ramp is particularly flat, so that users can easily and gently drive onto the platform. Once you have positioned yourself, it automatically folds in and when you arrive at your destination, it also unfolds again. You and your wheelchair stop exactly where you should during the entire journey making it a safe and secure option for students in a school setting.