MMS Medical has introduced its Simple 3-Step Virtual Stairlift Assessments and Quotations in response to the current Covid_19 Government restrictions and guidelines. With many elderly and vulnerable people advised to self-isolate, we have have quickly responded to the ongoing need for helping those concerned to get the equipment they need. MMS Medical has been installing stairlifts nationwide for over 30 years. Our experienced Stairlift Team can carry out a virtual assessment of your stairlift requirements simply and quickly from photos of your stairs. This type of assessment is designed to ensure those requiring a stairlift can do so without the need for an at-home consultation.

Our priority is the health and safety of our employees and customers. We have put in place robust protocols and procedures to ensure safe installation of stairlifts at this time. Typically a Straight Stairlift can be fitted in 3-4 hours while a Curved stairlift will be installed in 5-6 hours. You & your loved ones will be able to cocoon in another room in the house while the installation takes place. An installation time will be agreed in advance to suit you.

The simple MMS Easy 3-step approach can be followed by all  in the safety of their own home. 

Step 1 – Take photos of your stairs ;

Curved Stairs

1. Photo of bottom of stairs.                         2. Photo of all bends / level changes                 3. Photos of stairs from top of stairs

** Please include photos of any doors that may be at the bottom or top of stairs. 

Straight Stairs

1. Photo of stairs from hall.                        2. Photo of entire stairs                                           3.Photo of top of stairs from landing

** Please include photos of any doors that may be at the bottom or top of stairs. 

Step 2 – Send photos & your contact details via WhatsApp or Email to

Tom Leahy : 086 172 5339  or

Padraig O’Herlihy: 087 259 8544 or

Step 3. Receive your MMS Medical Quotation Promptly