Selecting the most suitable wheelchair is essential and with the help of our product specialist, it will ensure you have the perfect fit for optimal comfort, optimum posture and pressure relief, manoeuvrability indoors and outdoors and support for your daily living requirements and independence.

Selecting a wheelchair depends on many elements – diagnosis and injury level, age, body type, activity level, functional ability, transportation and daily usage.  Our range of wheelchairs addresses all these factors to meet an individuals needs. Life is busy and your chair must reflect your personality, lifestyle and ambitions.

Our range of accessories and add-ons from cushions, power packs and handbikes are available to enhance the fit and support required for the use.

Wheelchair Options

Manual Wheelchairs  – Self Propel or Transit

Large rear wheels allow the user to self propel the wheelchair. A self propel chair type is suitable for occasional, rehabilitation or long term use when the user has the upper body strength to steer and drive the chair themselves.

Made to Measure

It is important to ensure that you get the right size of wheelchair to suit you. A Made to Measure chair is the optimum solution. Meeting and getting to know you, talking you through your needs and lifestyle gives us the benchmark to initiate our chair selection process. Over 30 individual measurements are taken of the user and the wheelchair so that it can be designed and built to fit their individual needs. As part of our assessment process we can measure the ideal width, depth and height of the seat as well as the height and angle of the leg rests and footplates.  Some models offer adjustment to the seat width, seat depth, armrest height, backrest height and tension. A Made to Measure chair will ensure the user and wheelchair work in unison. The lightest possible solution is achieved using individual measurements with the highest quality materials

The lighter the wheelchair, the less energy you need to push – it’s as simple as that. Our made to measure SUB4 from RGK wheelchair frame is guaranteed to be under 4kg* The Sub4 glides effortlessly due to the lightweight and rigid frame.

* Excluding wheels and cushion

Folding or rigid frame?

Rigid, or non-folding, frames are stronger, more durable and have a very stable feel to them. A folding chair is easier to transport and most tilt-in-space wheelchairs are non-folding. The TiLite ZRA is a lightweight rigid chair combining strength and style.

For those who love to travel, we have a wheelchair option so portable, the TIGA FX, it fits into an aircraft’s overhead storage lockers and the boot of your car easily. All our products are safe & approved for airline travel.


Functional Options

Like everything, there is a wide range of options available on your wheelchair to suit an individual’s needs and preferences. The functional options include cushions, wheels, tyres, castor wheels, handles, armrests, footrests and many more and will be evaluated at the time of your assessment with the occupational therapist and product specialist. Upholstery and frame colours will be considered at this stage. Professional advice from our product specialists is vital in making the right choice.

Power Wheelchairs

A power wheelchair is the ideal solution for users requiring additional assistance. They are suitable for users with reduced upper body strength. They operate via motors to power the main drive wheels and are, most commonly, driven by the user via a joystick control. With a range of drive options – front, centre or rear wheel drive – a power chair combines excellent indoor manoeuvrability with outstanding outdoor performance. Adult, Paediatric and Bariatric models are available. Choose from leading brands like Permobil, Dietz, Sunrise and Quantum.

How to Choose a Power Wheelchair

When deciding whether to buy a power wheelchair there are many things to consider. Powerchairs are essentially made up of two major components. The first is the power base which covers a number of components including the: motors, wheels, controller and batteries. The other is the seating system. There are a wide range of models available for each component and a large range of compatible options and accessories. With so many options now available, choosing the right powerchair can be quite daunting. We have years of experience in assessing users and recommending the right product.

Sport / Active Wheelchairs

Our range of sports chairs are the perfect choice for the new player. Suitable for kids and adults alike with a range of sizes and options you can continue to enjoy sports and an active lifestyle. With entry level sports chairs available, like the RGK Club Sport, to high-end made-to-measure sport specific options there’s plenty of choice for the user. There are many clubs, gyms and sports programmes around the country for a wide variety of disciplines from basketball, tennis, to football and rugby – Visit the Irish Wheelchair Association – Sport for further information

Add-ons and Accessories

Looking to go further for longer?  A power assist adds its force to that of your arms. As it is a form of assistance, you can continue to work yourself as little or as much as you like. It’s up to you to choose from moment to moment.. These power solutions provide the users with easy to attach and power control for their manual wheelchair.


The SMARTDRIVE MX 2 reduces the number of repetitive pushes you do each day by taking over once you get going. It’s like a cruise control which you set by the speed of your push. It has an anti-rollback feature that allows you to stop on a slope and then easily get going again. It will go for miles on a single charge. The latest SmartDrive MX2+ PushTracker now comes with amazing new features, enabling you to alter the SmartDrive to suit your lifestyle. The wristband allows you to change the mode of operation, tap sensitivity, top speed and much more. The new tap to go function starts and stops the SmartDrive with just a simple movement of the wrist, perfect for impaired hand function or strength. In addition, the newly developed smartphone app tracks your day-to-day propulsion metrics to give a complete picture of your mobility activity, including push count and coast time. Use it to monitor your habits, reduce injury risk, improve quality of life and share your journey as you explore the outdoors! Both the PushTracker and SmartDrive wirelessly update as new software upgrades are released, saving you any unnecessary hassle.


With Twion power assist wheels, all the engineering is compactly and discreetly integrated in the wheel hub. The electric motors, equipped with state-of-the-art digital electronics, provide you with extra power at each propelling movement. The sensor fitted to the push rim determines exactly the right amount of support. You remain on the move to reach your destination more quickly, efficiently and with less effort. The silent direct drive ensures great agility and easy handling.


The advantages of a manual wheelchair, the power of an electric wheelchair.

This small compact power pack adds its force to that of your arms. As it is a form of assistance, you can continue to work yourself as little or as much as you like. It’s up to you to choose from moment to moment.

The Benoit Light Drive’s compact design means that it can fit into the smallest of cars. It is a breeze to take to the shops or to meet up with friends. You can even take it on holiday as it can travel on the plane in the luggage compartment. Once on holiday you have much greater freedom of movement.

The Light Drive is equally at home in the city or in the country as it works on many types of terrain. You can also use reverse gear to get over larger obstacles like pavements and small steps or small obstacles in your path.

The Light Drive is controlled with a joystick and yet remains as manouverable and as easy to use as a manual chair. By releasing the clutch you can free wheel giving you the freedom to choose when to use it.


For those who want to explore the outdoors or simply get to the office faster choose a handbike or FreeWheel.


The BATEC MANUAL is our manually powered wheelchair add-on handbike. Attach it to your chair and discover a new way to get around and do exercise. The BATEC MANUAL add-on handbike is ideal both for getting about on a daily basis and for keeping fit, as it gives your torso a thorough exercise session. Hybrid and Electric models are also available.

Thanks to its narrow turning angle, it will enable you to explore the streets easily and enjoy the experience even in the shortest journeys. In your free time, it will become your perfect ally for exploring and sightseeing wherever you like: forest trails, paths and cycling lanes.

And of course, whenever you like, you can simply disconnect your Batec handbike and enjoy the comfort of your manual wheelchair for certain environments, such as restaurants or your own home, thanks to the BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system.


The FreeWheel is designed to be used on a manual rigid frame or folding wheelchair. The FreeWheel allows you to easily and safely traverse any rough terrain. With the FreeWheel your wheelchair casters are lifted off the ground, turning your chair into a 3-wheeler, so you simply roll over any obstacle: curbs, dirt trails, grass, gravel, snow, and sand.

And of course, what’s your budget?

There is a large range of wheelchairs to suit all budgets. Prices vary depending on the model and options selected.

Assessment and Demonstration

Our product specialists have first hand wheelchair experience and combined with their extensive clinical and technical knowledge will work with you and your family to find the best solution to meet your individual needs.

You can arrange to have one of our highly experienced mobility advisors visit you at your home to perform a product demonstration and/or chair assessment. Or you can arrange to visit our showroom in Cork where you can try out our latest products and speak to our advisors.

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