Slipper/Fracture Pan & Support 1.7L, Medium (Midi for REF 08001), Autoclavable, CleanPak™

Re-usable slipper/fracture pan support made of extra strong plastic material, with antimicrobial properties. Autoclavable.


Product is used for holding human waste and other body fluids. Also used by immobile female patients for bed-side collection of urine. When used with a Disposable Slipper Pan Liner, Medium (REF 08001), the plastic support provides a perfect fit and better hygiene, strength and stability.


Antimicrobial technology reduces risk of cross-contamination and bacterial growth. Durable, heavy duty plastic gives extra strong support for individuals weighing up to 125kg. Re-usable and can be repetitively washed in hot water and sterilized by autoclave. Smooth surface is easy to clean and disinfect. Perfect fit and better hygiene and stability for disposable liner (REF 08001). Steady with flat bottom and easy to carry when full. Stackable for reduced storage space. CleanPak™, inner bag protects product from dust and contamination before reaching its point of use. Fits standard rack.

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