Quickie JIVE M

With an ultra-small turning circle, excellent indoor and outdoor handling and superb suspension through SpiderTracTM, the mid-wheel drive option is ideal for those who want a great all-round powerchair.

Take the JIVE M (mid wheel drive) for example – those jarring kerb transitions are a thing of the past with its SpiderTrac suspension. The way it effortlessly navigates onto and over steep transitions without jolts, forward pitching or compromising your stability is astounding.  Even around the home, you’ll smoothly manoeuvre every twist, turn or tight gap. It’s complete control at every turn.

But whatever drive base you choose, mid, front or rear – you’ll enjoy an incredibly responsive drive. With speeds of up to 13kph, powerful 60 or 70 Ah batteries and a range of up to 40 km, high performance power is always at your fingertips. Controlling that power are expandable control systems that are ready to interact with the world around you.

JIVE will even change with your needs. Its modular design allows for the adding and removing of powered options, changing the seating system or even drive base whenever you like. Explore all of the JIVE’s features in more detail and discover how amazing it is to drive for yourself.

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