The disposable PE vomit bag has a PVC-free plastic rim, packed with one sachet of SAP by Curas™. The large 1.5L capacity bag has been pre-loaded with SAP by Curas™ to solidify liquids and semi-liquids to prevent splashes and elminate unpleasant odours. The SAP by Curas™ crystallizes the liquid on contact for safer handling of waste. The bag is printed with ml graduation marks to indicate approximate volume and easy to follow, illustrated instructions for use. The vomit bag provides a simple and convenient way to manage vomitus and liquid waste while the ” twist & lock ” feature on the rim secures the bags content and contains odour for easy disposal. Can be used for other liquid waste collection, limiting contamination through leakage.


A vomit bag offers a convenient and simple way to manage vomitus and liquid waste (e.g. emesis) in a discreet and hygienic manner. Pre-loaded with a 9g SAP by Curas™ sachet (REF 99905) to solidify liquids and semi-liquids, preventing splashes and eliminating unpleasant odour.


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