Managing the urine drainage bags, of a catheterized patient, is a demanding task. MMS Medical is now making it both easier and safer by offering a new innovative concept from our partners Curas. The Curas Closed System Emptying Bag is fast becoming the product choice of healthcare professionals in Ireland. Thanks to the Curas unique solution, easy connection, SAP by Curas™ fluid control and dual-NRV system, nurses and healthcare workers can now empty a regular or specialized urine drainage bag without any of the normally associated risks.

By design, the bag helps the user to avoid splashes, stops the contamination of the drainage tap and for some the most important, removes the need to sit in uncomfortable and awkward positions for long period of time. The innovative Cross-Hanger™ method developed by Curas, means the nursing staff can connect the bag in advance of us, further helping to reduce the work load and stress associated with urology care.

By opting for the SAP by Curas™ integrated solution, the collected fluid will remain in the Curas Closed System Emptying Bag, and spills, leaks and hazards are significantly reduced or totally avoided.

The Curas Closed system at MMS Medical is developed to fit Curas C2, C4, C6, C8 and C10 systems as well as all major brands of urine collection bags in medium to high-end segments.

  • Super absorbent polymer (SAP by Curas™) rapidly crystallises liquid (body fluid); thus, ensuring safe disposal of urine without any risk of spillage.
  • Clear ml-graduation markings on C3 Emptying Bag allows easy reading on the amount of urine collected.
  • Allows measuring as low as 25ml, is lower than any other standard bags on the market (e.g. 100ml).
  • Flexi-Funnel™ connector (standard and small) fits all common cross valve and free flow valve, and small Flexi-Funnel™ fits all standard bags (e.g. C2, C4, C6 and C8).
  • The Cross Hanger™ cord provides security and additional grip to the C3 bag.
  • Non-return valve (NRV) prevents reflux of urine, reducing the risk of urine spillage.
  • Spigot is designed to provide additional safety in addition to NRV, to avoid accidental spillage during transference of urine.
  • Double-sealed bag designed to provide extra strength when in use.
  • Integrated tear-off slit is convenient for disposing bag content.
  • CleanPak™ designed to provide 100% protection, comes with data (LOT, E XP ), and product tracking via bar-coding to provide safety and convenience.
  • Medium-level packaging system, WardPak™ (box) allows easy dispensing at ward level.
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