In daily nursing routines and treatments, healthcare workers have to deal with exposure to and management of bodily fluids, liquids, vomitus, diarrohea, blood, drug mixtures and countless other forms of substances. The range of SAP by Curas™ products from MMS Medical provides a cost-effective and extremely user-friendly range of super absorbent products. The Sap by Curas™ range is suitable for multiple applications and healthcare environments.

SAP, (super absorbent polymer) is a fluid absorbent powder that ends or reduces the risk of accidental spillage or leakage from medical containers, receptacles, urinals and bags. The end-result of the SAP process if the crystallisation of the fluid mass which stabilise it and prevents it from spilling or splashing. Using SAP prevents spilled or moving substances to turn into airborne particles which are able to pollute and contaminate an enlarged area. Nursing staff benefit from the comfort and security of using a product better prepared to manage and hold fluids while patient anxiety is reduced during treatment. It is no surprise that the SAP by Curas™ range is the product of choice for many leading hospitals and care homes in Ireland. Available in pre-equipped and pre-loaded options as well as dissolvable sachets for use with both disposable and reusable hollowware items e.g. bowls, bedpans, urine bottle and vomit bags.

Download the MMS Medical-Curas brochure here for further details on the complete range.

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