Patient Wipes, 28x30cm Airlaid, 50gsm, Maceratable, SOFT

These soft, disposable wipes from Curas are suitable for professional patient washing in hospitals, care homes, clinics, surgeries and home healthcare. Extremely versatile, they can be used with water, soap or lotion as required. The highly absorbent wipes also help to dry patients quickly and easily. These single use wipes are made with highly absorbent, maceratable pulp material. Colour-free and fragrance free they are kind to patients skin. Made from 100% totally chlorine-free ( TCF ) pluff pulp and formaldehyde-free material.


Patient wipes are suitable for professional washing of incontinent, bedridden or dependent individuals in hospitals, nursing homes and home healthcare. They are also helpful for outpatient care and maternity. Use with water, soap or lotion, as required. The highly absorbent wipes also help to dry patients quickly and easily. Single use only. Patient wipes can be macerated after use.


Cost-efficient, hygienic and an effective infections control measure. Colour-free and fragrance-free material. Made from formaldehyde-free and totally chlorine-free (TCF) material. Versatile, can be used in conjunction with any soap, lotion, or water. Highly absorbent, suitable for drying off patients. Disposable for reduced risk of cross-contamination and Hospital-Acquired Infections. Product is low lint, which means there is less residual fibre after use. Macerator friendly, can be easily disposed by maceration. Each piece is Z+1/2 folded for easy dispensing Inner bag protects product from dust, contamination and liquids at all times. Centre perforationon bag allows each wipe to be dispensed easily without full exposure.

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