Out There

A selection of links that demonstrate what’s ‘Out There’. They may interest, entertain or even inspire you!

Assist Ireland Information on assistive technology and directory of products available from Irish suppliers

Association of Occupational Therapists in IrelandPromotes the OT profession on behalf of therapists in Ireland

Citizens Information Irish eGovernment website providing public service information

Disability Federation of Ireland An advocate for the voluntary disability sector in Ireland

Enable Ireland Services for adults and children with disabilities

Equality Authority Independent body supporting a commitment to equality for everyone

Health Service ExecutiveProvides health and social services for the people of Ireland

Infection Prevention SocietyPromotes education in infection prevention and control

Irish Nursing Homes Organisation The voice of the Irish Nursing Home sector in Ireland

Irish Society of Chartered PhysiotherapistsProfessional representative body in the Republic of Ireland for chartered physiotherapists

Irish Wheelchair Association Working to achieve greater independence freedom and choice for people with disability

Multiple Sclerosis Resources working on behalf of those living with Multiple Sclerosis

Post Polio Support Group Supporting Polio survivors particularly in relation to the late effects of polio

Private Occupational TherapistsOnline directory for Healthcare profession and the public

IWA Sport

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Back-flip

Paralympic Sport

Rackety’s Clothing

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