JAY Xtreme Cushion

The Jay Xtreme® and the Jay Xtreme S are extremely lightweight low-profile seat cushions designed for active users who need mild positioning, moderate to high skin protection, and optimal comfort.

The Jay® Xtreme S is a variation of the Jay Xtreme that doesn’t require the lateral support offered by the adductors used on the Xtreme. The Xtreme S features an incontinent resistant cover with a sewn in pocket for the fluid pad, eliminating the need for the inner fluid-barrier cover found on the Jay Xtreme.

  • The Jay® Xtreme cushions are extremely lightweight, facilitating easy handling as well as efficient propulsion.
  • The Jay® Xtreme Series was designed for the active person who needs mild positioning and moderate to high skin protection without compromising functionality.
  • Jay Flow™ fluid Tripad design enhances postural stability.
  • The Xtreme cushion features a notch in the rear of the foam base as a relief point for the user’s coccyx (tail bone).
  • Stable base of support combined with the dynamic properties of Jay Flow™ fluid greatly reduce the effects of shear.
  • Jay Flow™ fluid in combination with the soft foam conform to bony prominences, distributing pressure more evenly and reducing peak pressures.
  • The Jay Xtreme also features a pair of adductors that can be added to promote optional thigh positioning. The adductors are not included on the Jay Xtreme S.
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