Digital Scale for Clinical Use, Round Model

The Digital Scale for Clinical Use is specially designed for Curas Hygiene Pulp™. The round Model, Ø18cm, is with tempered glass surface. It can weigh up to 5kg (11lb). Comes with LCD, Auto Zero & Off function, and CR2032 battery.


The digital scale is specially designed for weighing and measuring medical pulp product and its content. Also, suitable for other medical items.


Specifically designed for pulp urine bottles (REF 08050 – 52, 08056 – 60). For measuring and converting of urine content from weight to volume. Default unit, in grams, and can be converted to other measurement (i.e. lb, oz, ml). Able to weight at minimum 5g and maximum 5kg. Tempered glass surface that is easy to maintain, kept clean and disinfect. LCD display that is easy/ convenient to use and read. Small, handy to use and mobile. Suitable for clinical use, on Hygiene Pulp™ products.

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