Batec Quad Manual Handbikes

Batec Quad Manual Handbike

The BATEC QUAD MANUAL is our manually powered wheelchair add-on handbike designed for users with injuries affecting both the upper and lower limbs, like quadriplegia and similar disabilities. Attach it to your chair and discover a new way to get around and do exercise.

With the BATEC QUAD MANUAL add-on handbike all users with high injuries can now enjoy of physical activity outdoors at the same time they are exercising the upper trunk of their bodies.

The special equipment includes:

And of course, whenever you like, you can simply disconnect your Batec handbike and enjoy the comfort of your manual wheelchair for certain environments, such as restaurants or your own home, thanks to the BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system (Pat. Pend.)

Whenever you like, you can disconnect the Batec add-on handbike in less time than it takes a person with no disabilities to get on or off a bike or motorbike. Even users with very severe disabilities can disconnect and connectour handbikes autonomously.

Contact our MMS Product Specialists for details on special editions and cool Batec Accessories.


  • MATERIAL: 7005 T6 Aluminium
  • TYRES: 20” ultra-grip Maxxis (54-406)
  • RIMS: 20” aluminium double-wall
  • GEAR SHIFTER : 24-gear Sram Dual Drive ( 3 hub gear + 8 sprocket gears )
  • BRAKES & CRANK ARMS : Shimano 180mm dual back pedal brake with mechanical disk brake and 170mm Shimano aluminium crank arms.
  • BATEC Quad Grips
  • BATEC EASY-FIT regulation system (Pat. Pend.)BATEC EASY-FIT regulation system (Pat. Pend.)
  • BATEC EASY-FIX fast anchor system (Pat. Pend.)BATEC EASY-FIX fast anchor system (Pat. Pend.)
  • BATEC SAFE-FEET stand frame (Pat. Pend.)BATEC SAFE-FEET stand frame (Pat. Pend.)
  • FRONT LIGHT with 7 LEDs and 4 functions
  • TAIL LIGHT with 2 LEDs and 2 functions
  • CYCLE COMPUTER with LCD screen and 8 functions
  • REMOVABLE QR WEIGHTS for improved traction
  • WEIGHT: 14kg (+5kg weights )

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