Quickie Salsa M

When travelling outdoors, Quickie’s all-wheel independent suspension and anti-pitch technology ensures stability and safety at all times.

Introducing the new Salsa M from Quickie. With its mid wheel drive technology, the Salsa M is able to deliver an extremely compact turning circle, allowing for great indoor manoeuvrability. A narrow width and very low seat height ensures that you’re able to navigate through doorways and confined spaces effortlessly.

In our opinion the Salsa M is not a ‘me-too’ copy of other manufacturer’s machines. It blends proven elements of the rear drive Salsa R (see other ads) and adds patented Quickie all-wheel independent suspension for a smooth and stable ride over rough or uneven terrain. The clever anti-pitch technology uses link arms to virtually eliminate pitching on slopes, ensuring a more confidence inspiring ride yet still allowing near 3ins kerb climbing.

Of course mid-wheels are known for the compact turning radius for superior indoor use and this machine in most variations is a narrow 60cm wide for easy access through doors and confined spaces.

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