Osprey Standard Showerchair

With multiple paraplegic users having to sit upon this seat for often lengthy periods of time, it has to be comfortable and supportive as well as having suitable access points for cleaning. With this in mind and a variety of different sized posteriors pressured mapped to assess bottom contours, the Southport Flexi seat was born.

Key Features

  •  Stainless Steel (Rust Resistant)
  • Adjustable Seat Height 19”-22”
  • Seat Widths 17” – 19” – 21”
  • Flexi Seat, Horseshoe Seat, Toilet Seat, Various apertures
  • Detachable Foldaway Footrest
  • Foldaway Padded Arms
  • Compatible with Washer/Dryer toilets
  • 30 Stone SWL

The split style seat has been designed to offer flexibility to users which cannot be met by the standard horse-shoe or ring seat. The seat supports the pelvic region but at the same time fully supports the legs. The shorter backrest canvas and split style contoured seat with adjustable slide mechanism can help facilitate self cleaning personal care needs.