Freeway T80 Recliner Showerchair

The Freeway T80 is a Showerchair and a commode chair that is often used instead of a shower trolley. The recliner is easy to operate via a simple lever

Freeway T80 Recliner Showerchair

A wide range of accessories and paddings are available, including detachable headrest and curved support cushion. Alterations to the backrest, armrests and seats are also available.

The chair is tested to 160kg / 25st

Technical Information

  • Reclines up to 45˚
  • Choice of 440mm, 490mm or 540mm seat widths
  • Backrest ready to take detachable headrest
  • Choice of seats with commode pan sliders or skirts
  • Vertical, half wide or wide armrests
  • Adjustable height
  • Fold-up removable footrests with heel supports
  • Calf support
  • When upright, it fits over a standard toilet